Playing to Win

home4-altIn this fast-moving, hyper-connected world of global commerce, the ability to build trusting relationships separates the winners from the losers. It is critical for executive and managers to build the emotional intelligence skills they need to be authentic and thereby establish honest and direct relations with clients, partners and vendors. In a world that would seem more connected than ever, technology has made it somewhat more difficult to truly connect with another individual, eroding the basic skills leaders need to make change. Harness your abilities to foster growth in your organization by leveraging those relationships that can truly make a difference.

Sales Training-Buyer Centered Selling- SPIN

  • Stages of need development

  • Moving the client through the buying cycle

  • Managing “the meeting”

  • SPIN process – questions/key questions

  • Closing

  • Role play

  • Objection handling

  • Real client scenario discussion

  • Action plan

  • On-going team and individual coaching