Rising Stars Program

home1-altNothing comes easy. Success requires hard work, sacrifice and a commitment to improvement. And at every point along the way there is going to come a time when you simply can’t execute alone. You need some help. And that is where our experience and knowledge can serve you best. Just from the standpoint of accountability alone, there is massive value in having a third party acting as a sounding board for your daily decisions and activities. Mentors, trainers and coaches help you get to the next level by identifying areas for improvement, overlooked strengths and unseen opportunities. Our ability to make you better has been honed by years of work in the trenches, solving some of the very problems you may be facing now.

  • Proposal – process and deliverable

  • Negotiation

  • Networking

  • Objection handling

  • Running an effective meeting

  • Closing skills

  • Communication protocols

  • Dealing with difficult people

  • Account Strategy Coaching

  • General coaching/mentoring