DavidWalker: CFO,MorganDrexen

“In my 20 years as a corporate finance executive I have worked with a variety of Big 4 partners, senior business advisors and leading professional service firms. I have never worked with a more professional insightful business executive than Frank Ellis. He is authentic and unique! Frank has taken the time to understand my business provides measureable value and has developed deep meaningful business relationships throughout my company. I consider him a coach and a true trusted-advisor. His company Silverback Advisors has been working with our sales executive team to shorten sales cycles and improve our sales growth”.

Jeff Marks: Managing Partner, Alliance Legal Partners

“ I have been practicing law for nearly 20 years. I previously practiced at Paul Hastings and started my own firm, Alliance Legal Partners, nearly 12 years ago. As a career attorney, restaurant owner and entrepreneur, I have had the pleasure to work with quality advisors and coaches.

I recently started working with Silverback Advisors (Frank Ellis) to help me grow my firm organically. Frank has been an invaluable advisor. He has strong business acumen and a diverse firm services background. He challenges me to think and act differently, all in the spirit of gaining trusted-advisor status with my clients. He is helping me increase my client base and reshape the way that I do business with my clients and interact with my prospects”.

Bob Green: Partner, Technology Services Practice Leader, SingerLewak

“I have owned my own consulting practice and now lead SingerLewak’s Technology Advisor Practice.

Frank’s business guidance and coaching has enabled me to grow my clients and attack the marketplace with an executable plan. I have worked with many business development professionals and coaches but none that hold a candle to Frank. He has helped train my team on functional practical sales approaches. He also delivered firm-wide training on how to develop, enhance and create value from a relationship strategy that was embraced by most of our partners and senior managers. He is all about execution and results. I respect Frank for his professionalism and his ability to have made a measureable impact on me and my team!”

Mark Borowski: AABS Managing Partner West Region, Ernst & Young

“As the Assurance & Advisory Practice Leader for the West at Ernst & Young, I have worked with some wonderful talent. Frank is one of the best business development leaders I have had the pleasure to work with. He consistently demonstrated a unique ability to gain credibility and trust with partners and clients. He led some of our largest pursuits, quarterbacking the entire sales process. He possesses a passion for winning. Frank always found time to coach and mentor our younger partners and senior managers to develop their sales, relationship management and executive skills. Finally, I view Frank as a “change agent”. He pushed all of us to be better! “

Ayan Roy— Partner, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

“When you talk about the consummate business executive coach, Frank Ellis comes to mind. Frank was always there to take the time and worked with me over the years in a variety of areas. He was my go-to executive and served as a mentor and a coach. He helped me with my confidence by challenging me to think and act differently. More specifically he coached me to run more effective client meetings, sell more authentically and effectively. The techniques I learned from him allowed me to be a well rounded professional. Furthermore, he helped me develop and execute on my personal growth plan. It worked!

This past year I was named Partner!“